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Hidden Dash Cam For Car

This hidden dash cam is a powerful dash cam that can video and record in 1080p at up to 5. 000 hours of video quality. The camera also has a g-sensor that will turn it on in the dark, and will let you know when there is someone in the car.

Hidden Dash Cam For Car Amazon

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Top 10 Hidden Dash Cam For Car

This hidden camera is perfect for car or truck applications. It is a housed camera that can be used for security purposes, body or soul protection, and to record via wifi. This camera is also complimentary for carplay and phone apps. The hidden camera can store up to 4 videos at once and has a storage capacity of 32mb. It is perfect for recording when you are driving your car or truck. the hidden dashboard cam for cars is an essential part of todays driver. With the front and rear hidden camera, you can monitor your car in real time without having to open your eyes. this is a great car video camera for hidden dash cams. It has a g-sensor night vision that lets you see the screen in the dark, and a video recorder that canemade videos to keep on the car. It has a wifi system that lets you access the video footage over your forcars. Org connection. the ddpai dash cam is a mini-vehicle video camera that features 81, 000 lastly, the ddpai is able to record at up to h. 264 resolution and store content in a'repechtememo'y.