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Led Light Strips For Cars

Looking for a waterproof underbody Light for your car, bike, or car phone? We've got you covered! Our Strips are top-of-the-heap for either your device and any location that needs to be Light in the dark, our Strips are also durable and last long, making them a practical substitute for your safety and account.

Led Strip Lights For Cars

Our Led strip lights for cars have an amber turn signal strip and an 60 cm sequence headlight flow, they are sensational for either an 2 x or 2 x pair of headlights. The strip lights are also backed by our miller lighting idc warranty, looking for a strip that can help Light up your car during the day? Don't search more than the Led Light amber sequential flexible turn signal strip for headlight! This strip is top-grade for headlight applications and can be attached to the headlight using any standard headlight screwdriver or washers. The strip is additionally customizable to tailor your specific car with just a cuts, make your car shine in front of others! We offer 2 x 60 cm slim amber sequential flexible Led turn site strip for car. This Strips for headlight and sunglasses should be used when driving, it presents a red, amber, and green color and is sensitive to white light. This Led strip for car is puissant for flashing your car's atmosphere in the mirror, the neon lamp and the amazing Led Light strip make this strip a warm and inviting addition to your car. The remote control for the Led strip makes it straightforward to operate, and the car's exterior and interior atmosphere are always with this strip.