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Phone Holder For Car Vent

This gravity car mount for the iphone x xr xs max and samsung s10 note9 has a tough but stylish design. It is perfect for your car and is perfect for holding the phone while you drive.

Phone Holder For Car Vent Target

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Best Phone Holder For Car Vent

The phone holder is for the samsung iphone and is made of sturdy materials to protect your phone. The hold also for the lg cell phone and includes an air vent to help keep your phone free of smells and other pollutants. It also includes a cloth bag to keep your phone and data. the phone holder for car ventmounts uses a base that screwed onto the back of the car. It has a comfortable depth for carrying your phone and is also made to hold an extra nz $25 worth of phone books. The phone holder for car ventmounts is also reversible, making it both comfortable to use and stylish. this is a great phone holder for the car. It can be used for both left and right hand starting a car. It is also convenient when driving in heavy traffic. The mount alsoawarks against the sides of the car for security. this phone holder is perfect for holding a phone in the correct location on your car. It can be used for either windshield or dashboard conditions. It is also universal for all phone brands and models.