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Police Horn For Car

If you’re in the market for a car warning system and car speaker system at the same time, look no further than police horn. This car alarm system has 8 sound louds and is designed to sound its alarm in most situations. The horn also includes a pa speaker for making calls or listening to music.

Siren For Car

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Police Siren Horn For Car

This is a great horn for car or truck drivers who need to be heard in a time of need. It has a 7 sound system that will let you know the situation and give you help in case you need to talk to someone. The horn also has a pa system to talk to other drivers in the car or on the phone. this is a great car snails horn for use in your car. It is water resistant and has a low pitched sound to it. It is also loud but not too loud that you can't hear what it is say. this car horn siren has a 100 watt 12 volt 7 sound alarm system and a police fire horn that will sound when it's needed to. It also has a speaker for use in the home or office. the police horn for car is a great addition to your vehicle. It sound like a livearant radio show when you need to get away from a scary scene. The siren will sound when you are in the middle of a traffic stop or when you are on the run from the police. The horn can also be turned off or turned off with just a few clicks.