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Purple Pinstripe For Cars

This is a great sticker for your car! It's easy to apply and it's fun to use!

Top 10 Purple Pinstripe For Cars

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Purple Pinstripe For Cars Walmart

These stickers are for cars that have a purple pinstripe treatment on it. The pinstripe is then self adhesive to the surface. The decal is then placed over the top of the sticker and then the roll of vinyl is cut to fit. The vinyl is then pinstripped to the desired shape and then the decal is added. this is a great sticker set for dashboards or other high-end vehicles. The 14 roll vinyl pinstripe gives your car a modern look. The decal stickers are solid line and make your car stand out, while the purple color gives it a depth. this is a purple pinstripe for cars. It is 150 degrees roll of accent and will add a touch of luxury to your environment. It is also great for changing out the exterior look of your car. this is a good quality, 18% vinyl pinstripe vinyl car tape decal sticker for your car. It is a perfect fit for your car and will look great on your exterior. It is a perfect way to show your car value or just show off a good looking site.