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Secret Compartment For Car

This magnetic box for car stash is a secret safe place for your car. The box is hidden inside the fabric of your clothes, and is made of materials that cannot be found on your body. The box is hidden so that you can keep your car safe and sound.

Hidden Compartment For Car

There’s no need to worry about getting your car out of the ground if it’s wet or dirty. With our hidden compartment, you can just as easily store your car while it rain or spend a cold day.

Secret Compartment Box For Cars

This is a great secret compartment box for cars. It is made of strong plastic and is built into the side of the box. This compartments will keep your car safe and secure. if you're looking for a hidden compartments for a car that doesn't show up in the price list, or if you want a secret compartment that's hidden and alone, then you'll love this custom hidden compartments for your project. This car bottle safe is something that you'll be proud to show your friends and family member your fantastic secret spot. this secret compartment is designed to help keep your screws safe from prying eyes. It is small and mean-looking, containing only a small few belongings, this part of the car is meant to be minion time suspense time sucked. this car key box safe is a secret compartments for your car that will make your carriages secret and any passengers who come up to you will know that you has one! It comes with a key ring and key compartments so you can be sure that your car is secure and your passengers know it too.